Este segmento esta dedicado a las personas que forman parte de la Feria Agrícola de Luquillo la cual se lleva a cabo el segundo y cuarto sábado de cada mes de 8am a 1pm en el Centro de Arte y Cultura.

This segment is dedicated to the people who are part of Luquillo’s Farmers Market which is every second and fourth Saturday of each month from 8am to 1pm in the Centro de Arte y Cultura. Marisela Vera offers a variety of mixed greens locally harvest in Luquillo, PR. As well as sprout, artisan granolas, falafel, coconut water, among others. The couple composed of Marisela and Peter Pearlman offer fresh and high quality products. If you want to communicate with them you can do it at 787-233-6407. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them and support the local business.